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“Aman Masr is a registered technology corporation, established in 2005, with its head-office located in Toronto, Canada. Aman Masr focuses on the delivery of intelligent GPS solutions, geared for the tracking and controlling of individual motorized vehicles for private users, as well as for delivery of comprehensive security system design for corporations with larger fleet management and driver management purposes. ... Read more


Fleet Management

Corporate fleet GPS security products are geared towards helping owners and managers of operations monitor and control the use of vehicles, by means of comprehensive reports, the use of advanced functions such as layered multiple geo-fencing and multi-vehicle display on grid with color coded association for region or routes.... Read more


With support for unlimited numbers of cameras, our partner's advanced open platform IP video management software (VMS) for medium and large multi-site installations. It has comprehensive features that help operators view multi-site locations with an unlimited number of cameras and react quickly to incidents and efficiently export video. This reduces the time and cost of installing surveillance systems with many cameras. The software provides exceptional situational awareness with multi-layered, interactive maps, sophisticated alarm handling and a unique Camera Navigator for tracking moving objects... Read more

Access Control & Alarm

Access control systems are geared to keep people, premises and data safe. Asset Security Access control systems range from electronic lock at the entrance of a building sections to a series of locks on server racks. Asset Security Access control systems designed that only authorised persons gain access to different areas of facilities. . By implementing an access control system, an organization can better monitor who is accessing their facilities and increase safety for all.... Read more

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Intelligent GPS security services for you and your business

Our Commander GPS helps owners of motorized vehicles secure their investments against theft, by delivering a sophisticated turn-key GPS tracking and remote control service. Asset Security enables your tracking of your assets in real-time, reliably.

Aman Masr mission


To make intelligent GPS tracking, Security and control solutions available to the public at large, from the simple individuals aiming to keep secure their vehicles/assets, to the corporations or insurance company wanting to secure their fleet and assets to identify improper use.



GPS tracking control technology, delivered by Asset Security,

may be found in cars, trucks, motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles known as RV’s, Sea doo’s, Skidoos, boats, Construction Equipment such as Caterpillar construction equipment, shipping containers, even trains, Yachts and airplanes. The Asset Security GPS service helps counter the risk of theft or improper use, for individuals with one, two or three vehicles or corporations with large fleets, alike.

Our Experts provide turn-key solution including;

a) designing, manufacturing and assembling GPS hardware,

b) delivery of vehicle brand-compatible GPS Hardware solutions

c) maintaining our highly reliable network for global communications with GPS connected assets world-wide

d) delivering the management portal systems for individual and corporate users to interact with and control their assets or asset groups

e) delivering expert installation services, for an overall turn-key and risk free upgrade process

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