Loading Deck Monitoring


For over the years, this particular manufacturer has grown to cover almost everything on your dining table. Now with this size of business, operations go through bottlenecks. Trucks are always late during transportation and also during loading. Customers complain about receiving wrong quantities and/or damaged packages. Cargos are stolen often and some drivers abuse their vehicles and privileges.



Security solution below is not only for safety and security but also a productivity issue. We had the following assessment:

Loading platform is always busy and workers are a bit lazy

This chaos result in having wrong quantities or onsite accidents leading to packages damaging

Drivers are responsible for the full truck and cargo since loading till delivery

Some of the cargo is stolen during transportation



Surveillance System was installed on the loading platform covering the loading process, vehicle plates and quantities loaded.

Telematics with GPS tracking function is installed in the trucks to make sure the truck is following the regulations and routes keeping everything safe.

Container locks were engaged by the Telematics system and automatically unlock at destination.

Mobile DVR is installed in the truck to ensure that everything is video recorded and make sure that the cargo is non touched till destination point






Products used:

Surveillance System

                24 CCTV Cam

                32CH DVR



                Commander FH

                Full Harness with Relay

                Container Lock



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