What is the corporate purpose of Asset Security, Inc.?

Asset Security, Inc. delivers fleet management GPS tracking-and-control security solutions, for business as well as for individuals, for cars, trucks, motorcycles, busses, boats, cargo containers, RVs as well as for a variety of other motorized and non-motorized vehicle tracking use, against theft or operator misuse. ... Read more

What is Asset Security GPS Technology?

Asset Security, Inc. delivers a combined Hardware and Software GPS security solution. Our clients and their staff are able to track and control vehicles, by logging into the Asset Security Portal, linked from the company website, communicating the selected asset via wireless mobile network. ... Read more

Is the GPS hardware easy to setup?

Asset Security, Inc. provides a turn-key GPS security solution. GPS hardware installation and setup are performed by experienced Asset Security vehicle specialists, for each of the vehicle brands and categories. ... Read more

How easy is it to control vehicles and what type of control can I expect to have?

By logging into the Asset Security online portal, a user has the ability to track vehicles individually or in groups and affect actions such has disabling the asset. Corporate users are able to assign permissions to employees for tracking specific vehicle groups, ensuring for example that drivers are taking best routs for maximum efficiency, or that deliveries are performed on time. ... Read more

How easy is the Asset Security portal management system to use?

The Asset Security portal interface is easy to setup and use. Portal maps and fencing charts show colour coded indicators for vehicles. A live vehicle movement feed is also presented. Administrative permissions for staff are easy to create and edit. Setting the parameters for email notification is also quite simple to do. From a main screen an operator is able to understand all of the pertinent information related to his vehicle or fleet ... Read more

Is the Asset Security portal management system suitable for managing corporate fleets?

Yes. This is a notable point of our company expertise. ... Read more

What's the difference between the different Asset Security GPS models?

Depending on the compatibility GPS model related to the vehicle type and the portal service subscribed to, the combination of both issues results in the enablement of functions such as gradual motor arrest and advanced administrative management of drivers. ... Read more

Is there any risk of vehicle electrical system damage with the GPS hardware installation?

Asset security hires installation electricians and mechanics with vehicle-specific expertise to ensure a seamless installation that does not harm your vehicles' electrical systems or components (such as fuel pump). ... Read more

What market applications can benefit from Asset Security GPS technology?

Asset security GPS tracking and control solutions have been implemented in well over half a million installations world-wide. The more common asset types tracked and controlled by Asset Security GPS systems include: Cars, Trucks, motorcycles, Busses, Excavation equipment, Cargo Containers, Boats, Yachts, RVs, Camper Vans, Tractors and almost any form of motorized vehicle. ... Read more

What happens if a thief disconnects the vehicle battery, will I still be able to communicate with it?

Yes, Asset Security GPS devices are fitted with their own separate backup battery to prevent theft tampering. By accessing the Asset Security portal, you will be able to locate vehicle(s) and insure that the ignition shut-off is in place. ... Read more

What are the aspects of pricing related to Asset Security GPS and services?

Asset Security GPS tracking and control systems involve an initial investment related to the hardware purchase and installation and a service subscription related to the hosted portal maintenance and wireless mobile network. Please refer to our pricing page for detailed information about your specific vehicle brand(s) or call the sales office in your region, as noted on the Asset Security GPS website Contact page. ... Read more

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