Agile Security & Protection

“Aman is a registered technology corporation, established in 2005, with its head-office located in Toronto, Canada. Aman focuses on the delivery of intelligent GPS solutions, geared for the tracking and controlling of individual motorized vehicles for private users, as well as for delivery of comprehensive security system design for corporations with larger fleet management and driver management purposes.

Our service is a value oriented turn-key solution aimed at insuring an always reliable control and monitoring experience for its customers with their assets.

This year, Aman has exceeded the half-a-million installations mark, world-wide. Its devises and management control portal afford security to a myriad of vehicles including: cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, sea doo’s, skidoos, boats, construction equipment (such as Caterpillar construction equipment), shipping containers, trains, yachts and Airplanes.”

Our company’s service responsibility is in

a) designing, manufacturing and assembling GPS hardware,

b) delivery of vehicle brand-compatible GPS Hardware solutions

c) maintaining our highly reliable network for global communications with GPS connected assets world-wide

d) delivering the management portal systems for individual and corporate users to interact with and control their assets or asset groups

e) delivering expert installation services, for an overall turn-key and risk free upgrade process

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