Fleet Management

corporate fleet GPS security products geared towards helping owners and managers of operations monitor and control the use of vehicles, by means of comprehensive reports, the use of advanced functions such as layered multiple geo-fencing and multi-vehicle display on grid with color coded association for region or routes.

The following solutions are introduced by Asset Security:

  1. Automated Actions: Vehicles follow preset rules with preset actions to be activated automatically upon violation.
  2. Anti – Theft: Allows a full control over the vehicle where the vehicle can’t be operated except in allowed hours and allowed geographical areas (Immobilizing is activating by cutting off Fuel, Starter and power).
  3. Anti – Hijacking: A smart “Panic” button allows a Hi-jacked victim to press on it right before leaving the Vehicle. This button triggers the “Delayed Arrest” which starts arresting the vehicle gradually and safely after a system preset time (Arresting takes place while keeping the motor running ensuring the steering wheel and the braking systems are fully functional. Accordingly the vehicle stops safely protecting itself and the cargo.    

Products: ( Compact, Commander 9W, Commander FH) 

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